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Like The Record is one of the top wedding bands in Columbus. We deliver the authentic sound you love, with studio quality, yet live for that truly entertaining, interactive experience. We are versatile. Sure, we are going to play songs that the bride and groom want to hear, but we are also going to roll out the tunes that the rest of the guests are looking for as well.

A wedding reception tops off the most important day in the lives of the guests of honor: the bride and groom. You are going to strive to make this party the best it can be. Letʼs face it. If the food and the drinks are superb, but the entertainment stinks, the night may be memorable, but for the wrong reason.

What makes us one of THE great wedding bands in Columbus?

First, itʼs about style. You donʼt want a tribute band, and although we all appreciate creativity, originals are not the answer either. Like The Record delivers what itʼs name says — the songs you want to hear, as if the original artists were in the room, yet flexible enough to cover pop to rock to funk to dance.

Second, you want your guests dancing, laughing and having the best time of their lives. You want a wedding band where the members are friendly and engaging entertainers. You want professionals that deliver the goods. At Like The Record, we know how to put the finishing touches on your special day.

Third, as professionals, you know you can rely upon Like The Record for a top-notch performance. Not only is the wedding music the best, but we do what we tell you we are going to do. High “fidelity” is something in which we take special pride.

Check us out. Youʼll understand why our reputation makes us one of the top wedding bands in Columbus. We have audio and video samples available and references as well.

What if you are looking for something unique for your reception? If Like The Record isnʼt what you need, we also represent a number of other bands, with a variety of styles. Donʼt be afraid to seek our help to craft anything from whimsical to hard driving. We know the industry inside-out, and are “hear” to help.

So what are you waiting for? Top wedding bands in Columbus book fast!

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Danny Todd
Danny Todd – Founding Member of “Like the Record” I was an army brat growing up. When I was about 13, my family and I were stationed in Germany. That’s where I first met a high school senior who lived downstairs. His name was John Door – a professional jazz drummer who would practice every day. And I wanted to play just like him … I wanted it badly! We soon became friends and he began teaching me with theory reading percussion music (which I hated practicing, but knew I had to in order to progress). I soon started on snare drum in the school marching band then moved on to stage band and orchestra. My high school band mates and I formed numerous groups and played at our high school dances every Friday night. Those were the days!
Danny Todd
Danny Todd