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Hiring The Best Bands in Cleveland

Like The Record Productions provides clients with live bands in Cleveland Ohio, Columbus and beyond. Although we offer services to fit almost any event, our Cleveland wedding bands care particularly popular.

Picking the perfect band for your reception may be just one of many ‘to-dos’ in your wedding planner, but it’s important to get it right. It can, however, be a little daunting: how can you be sure your chosen band has the ability to play your requested set of songs with the skill, panache and — vitally — the restraint required to turn a good wedding reception into a great one?

All too often, most bands in Cleveland can’t resist indulging themselves by attempting to put their own spin on classic records — and just as often the result is renditions that sound nothing like the original version, and which leave your guests scratching their heads instead of cutting up the dance floor.

Digital Audio Technology

Bands In Cleveland That Use Advanced Audio Technology -

Like The Record is different. We are so passionate about bringing you the hits, just the way you heard them on the radio, that we use advanced digital technology to make unique duplicates of scores of famous songs.

We then channel this technology through one of the best and most versatile live bands in Cleveland to bring you a setlist packed full with pristine hits, practically indistinguishable from the record and guaranteed to keep the dance floor bouncing from first dance to last.

Not all Bands In Cleveland Are Created Equal…

Like The Record Production’s in-house band is several steps ahead of other bands in Cleveland, even if they want to sound ‘just like the record’, because only Like The Record Productions has gone to the trouble of replicating the sound of scores of classic hits with advanced audio technology — technology we bring with us to every show we play.

Remember, when you and your brand-new spouse take the floor (at last!) for that all-important first dance, the moment should be perfect. The song should be perfect. And that means it should sound exactly like it does on the radio.

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Danny Todd
Danny Todd – Founding Member of “Like the Record” I was an army brat growing up. When I was about 13, my family and I were stationed in Germany. That’s where I first met a high school senior who lived downstairs. His name was John Door – a professional jazz drummer who would practice every day. And I wanted to play just like him … I wanted it badly! We soon became friends and he began teaching me with theory reading percussion music (which I hated practicing, but knew I had to in order to progress). I soon started on snare drum in the school marching band then moved on to stage band and orchestra. My high school band mates and I formed numerous groups and played at our high school dances every Friday night. Those were the days!
Danny Todd
Danny Todd