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The Best Live Bands in Columbus Ohio

The international symbol for live bands in Columbus, Ohio that plays an unbeatable live show is: “They Sound Just Like The Record” Well, that’s the real deal when it comes to the “Like the Record Band,” the Columbus live band that delivers studio-quality sound in just about any venue.  Actually, let’s rephrase that: One of the live bands in Columbus Ohio that sounds exactly Like the Record. Get it?

When you’re throwing a private party, getting married or looking for a band for whatever other reason, the best you can normally do is to get a hold of a recording from the band. You give it a listen, and make a decision based on whether or not the genre fits and the band’s available, and most importantly, you check to see if they’re any good.

But you and I both know that modern recording technology means that bands often don’t sound nearly as good live as they do on their records. Just head to a few local Columbus clubs or parties—or try hiring some live bands in Columbus, Ohio—and you’ll see plenty of that in the local scene. The band has to be well-rehearsed, the sound guy an expert at his job, and the band has to take room acoustics and crowd dynamics into account. It sounds like a big job, and it definitely is one. But that doesn’t mean that you have to do all the work. In fact, it’s all done for you.

When You Throw a Private Party, You Want…

Nobody throws a party for no reason. Whether it’s to celebrate something, like a birthday, mourn something, like a funeral (we don’t play many funerals, though), or commemorate an important event, like a wedding—atmosphere is everything. Whether you choose to have your event in Columbus, or in a neighboring city, guests expect a lot these days.

Building an atmosphere often requires something a little bit out of the ordinary.  Some guy with a microphone makes for a great night at the karaoke bar—at least as long as everyone’s had a few drinks.  But to entertain a party?  You need something a little more compelling.  But what about when it’s 10:15 already and nobody’s dancing yet?  What do you do when you have eight thousand things on your plate, and the last thing you need is to worry about the band?  Well, the first thing you do is Call Like the Record Productions.

We Deliver That

Even if you’ve never done it, you probably already know that it’s no easy thing to book live bands in the Columbus, Ohio areas that’s truly enjoyable, much less of a Like the Record experience. Very few bands are actually capable of it.

Like the Record uses only the highest-technology audio equipment, to faithfully reproduce every little guitar lick or drum hit, no matter how loud or soft. Like the Record knows intuitively that crowds who listen to live bands in Columbus, Ohio are no less demanding than anywhere else: they know music from earbuds and home speaker systems.

So when the band sets up and a sound comes out of the speakers that’s both loud and unpleasant, because the band didn’t practice, Columbus dwellers might err on the side of politeness. But you know they won’t really be having fun. So if you’re looking for live bands in Columbus or the surrounding areas, then Like The Record is the obvious choice.

But no matter how good the band, sometimes they just aren’t right for the particular kind of party you’re throwing. You can’t get a whole symphony orchestra into your living room, so you don’t even try.  It’s not that they aren’t good: they just won’t fit. And Like the Record knows that that’s the case: that’s why there are tons of other local bands to choose from, both similar in sound to Like the Record, and completely different. They all share one thing in common, and that’s the “Like the Record” standard. Every last one of these bands reproduces their studio sound live. Perfectly.

If you’re curious about some of the other live bands in Columbus, Ohio we work with, just give us a call to check out their availability. Either that, or just click right HERE, and we’ll do most of the work for you. If you’re looking for Columbus bands, DJs, or a live wedding band DJ combo to get that dance floor bumping when nothing else seems to work, we can take care of that also. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll get it taken care of. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Danny Todd
Danny Todd – Founding Member of “Like the Record” I was an army brat growing up. When I was about 13, my family and I were stationed in Germany. That’s where I first met a high school senior who lived downstairs. His name was John Door – a professional jazz drummer who would practice every day. And I wanted to play just like him … I wanted it badly! We soon became friends and he began teaching me with theory reading percussion music (which I hated practicing, but knew I had to in order to progress). I soon started on snare drum in the school marching band then moved on to stage band and orchestra. My high school band mates and I formed numerous groups and played at our high school dances every Friday night. Those were the days!
Danny Todd
Danny Todd