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When it comes on the car radio, you turn it up. When a DJ plays it when you’re out for a night on the town, you put your drink down and hit the dance floor. When you’re taking a shower, you belt it out. It brings back memories and plays in the foreground when you create new ones. It makes you feel great. It reminds you of who you are and where you’ve come from.

It’s Your Favorite Song

Cover Bands deliver all of your favorite songs straight to your wedding, corporate event or personal function, without the cost of hiring an entire lineup worthy of the Grammys. They start the party. They get people out on the floor. They elicit the timeless battle cry: “I LOVE this song!” But sometimes cover bands let you down. Sometimes cover bands try to put their own artistic spin on the music, and it becomes nearly unrecognizable. It sounds less like your favorite song and more like bad karaoke.

 We Actually Sound Like the Song You Know and Love - Group PhotoLike The Record is a Cleveland cover band with a body-shaking, feet-moving, singing-along-because-you-just-can’t-help-yourself twist—we actually sound like the song you know and love. Whether it’s pop, classic rock, top 40, Motown, R&B or beyond, Like The Record can cover it and cover it well. Because of groundbreaking audio technology and talented musicianship, it’s almost as though you’ve hired the original artist instead of a cover band (but without those pesky riders diva bands are known for!). It’s the perfect rendition you long for. We perform at weddings, graduations, birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs and more in Cleveland, Akron, Columbus and the surrounding Ohio area. Let us liven up your event. “Book The Best Cover Bands Today”. Cover BandHere’s what some of our customers have to say about Like The Record Productions

“From start to finish, Like the Record provided outstanding service. Dan, the owner, was very helpful in answering all my questions and made me feel confident about choosing the band for my special day. The music was awesome, and they played songs that kept everyone dancing. I was debating about hiring a DJ, but glad I didn’t because having a live band made such a difference. With Like the Record, it was like having the best of both worlds.” – Groom

“We booked the Like The Record band for our wedding, and yes, they did sound like the record. The band was wonderful. From the planning the phone call to the actual event, everything went great. Everyone was asking us where we found the band. They told us we should hire them again for a party soon, told us they never dance that often but the band was so good they ended up dancing the whole evening. They allowed our little ones to dance with them on stage, which I’m sure made their entire year. From start to finish, we could not have asked for better Cleveland wedding band!” – Bride.  To know more about our Cleveland Dance Band and be notified of upcoming live events…”Like Us On Facebook Book”

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Danny Todd
Danny Todd – Founding Member of “Like the Record” I was an army brat growing up. When I was about 13, my family and I were stationed in Germany. That’s where I first met a high school senior who lived downstairs. His name was John Door – a professional jazz drummer who would practice every day. And I wanted to play just like him … I wanted it badly! We soon became friends and he began teaching me with theory reading percussion music (which I hated practicing, but knew I had to in order to progress). I soon started on snare drum in the school marching band then moved on to stage band and orchestra. My high school band mates and I formed numerous groups and played at our high school dances every Friday night. Those were the days!
Danny Todd
Danny Todd