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Cover Bands That Set Themselves Apart From The Rest of The Pack…

Of all the Columbus cover bands, “Like The Record” has set themselves apart from the rest of the pack by performing the original versions of everyone’s favorite old songs with as much accuracy to the original as possible. While other Columbus cover bands sometimes attempt to offer a new interpretation to an old song, or maybe even turn an upbeat dance tune into a slow ballad, or vice versa, “Like The Record” remains loyal to the original version that everyone feels nostalgic to hear again.

Cover bands set the tone for many public and private events. In fact, without a good cover band, an event can come off rather lackluster. “Like The Record” is available to liven up and infuse personality into weddings, corporate events, festivals, birthday parties, anniversary parties, fundraising events, and other private parties. The music they play is sure to get all attendees feeling good. Give them a call to talk about availability, pricing, and what you’re looking for in terms of a playlist, style of music, and audience appeal.

As one of the hottest Columbus cover bands

Cleveland/Akron Cover“Like The Record” currently covers more than 70 popular solo artists and bands. These include Aretha Franklin, Cool & The Gang, Donna Summer, Earth Wind & Fire, Fleetwood Mac, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Prince, Santana, Sister Sledge, Stevie Wonder, Temptations, The Supremes, Tina Turner, and Whitney Houston. Please note that this is only a partial list. You can view their current playlist on the “Like The Record” website.

The songs that “Like The Record” covers are ones that never go out of style and have mass appeal across multiple generations. They are songs that everyone loves to sing along with and dance to and just have fun. Best yet, they play the cool songs that have those fun nuances that everyone loves to imitate, whether it be as the lead vocal or the groovy backup. For example, when people hear “Midnight Train To Georgia,” who can resist vocalizing the “woo-woo” (and doing the hand thing) or singing “a superstar but he didn’t get far!” It’s simply too irresistible not to join in with this upbeat classic!

Most Columbus Cover bands in Ohio often limit their music to one specific genre of music. However, “Like The Record” is more versatile than most other cover bands and can do a wide selection of old songs including Motown, classic rock, top 40, R&B, pop, rock, soul, funk, and disco. You can choose to let the band “feel the audience” and “respond to the dance floor” with a mixture of different genres or you can select a specific playlist from a particular genre in a specific order.

If you are looking for a Columbus cover band or DJ and Like The Record Productions in house band is not available on the date you need, they are also a booking agent and can help you find other Columbus cover bands that will fit your event. Go ahead and give them a call and tell them what you need and when you need it. They will accommodate you of find another cover band that can.

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Danny Todd
Danny Todd – Founding Member of “Like the Record” I was an army brat growing up. When I was about 13, my family and I were stationed in Germany. That’s where I first met a high school senior who lived downstairs. His name was John Door – a professional jazz drummer who would practice every day. And I wanted to play just like him … I wanted it badly! We soon became friends and he began teaching me with theory reading percussion music (which I hated practicing, but knew I had to in order to progress). I soon started on snare drum in the school marching band then moved on to stage band and orchestra. My high school band mates and I formed numerous groups and played at our high school dances every Friday night. Those were the days!
Danny Todd
Danny Todd